Top Highflyer is in the forefront of known schools in the field of information technology and offers its pupils the following facilities:

  • a fully computerised library with over 170 books on the shelves.
  • Two reading rooms in the hostel to empower pupils in the finding and selection of books thus encouraging an ethic of self-directed, independent discovery.
  • a large budget set aside each year for constantly updating the purchase of books and magazines that cater for students intellectual, technical and leisure interests
  • competent, skilled staff on duty to assist all students in the use of computer.

We Have A Friendly Atmosphere for everyone

But in the midst of this “High-Tech” Centre, a friendly, congenial atmosphere prevails in what is literally and symbolically the ‘heart’ of Top Highflyer and its heritage is preserved and displayed in the school’s hall of fame. And so, again true to the spirit of its Mission Statement, Top Highflyer is mindful of its heritage to meet the challenges of the future.

Scholarship Facilities

Qualified Tutors

Hostel Facilities