About Us

Who We Are

Welcome to Top Highflyer Schools.   We share an ambition to be the best we can be.  This happens through working in partnership, encouraging student to take risks, seeing failure as essential for success and developing confidence and resilience.  It is what we want for our own children and is reflected in our school motto.

Top Highflyer Schools is a co-educational day and boarding school.  We invest time in developing positive relationships.  These are revealed in personal qualities such as consideration, service and endeavour.  Visitors are struck by the disciplined yet caring atmosphere and students who are mature, respectful and tolerant.

What We Do

We value academic achievement, encourage excellence but appreciate that other qualities that are equally likely to lead to success later in life. Our students broaden their horizons through the wide range of extra-curricular activity in our Schools.


Top Highflyer Schools is a special place to be.  The history and traditions of the school are most evident in our children.  They enjoy being here and are proud of the school. If your values and aspirations match ours then you are welcome to join us.

The aforementioned are intended to stimulate your interest in Top Highflyer Schools but words are inadequate in conveying the atmosphere of the school.  You are invited to visit us and talk to the children or the staff.  Only then can you judge whether it is the right place for your child.

What Our Students Say